Don’t Be a Loser (a party board game)


Don’t Be a Loser is a party board game by All Over the Board Games of Reno, NV (18 projects backed)

Inventor: Matt Leitz

Funding Goal: $20,000 ending Thur, Nov. 20th 2014 at 10:59 PM CST.

This is a first created project.

The First Impression:

Video (6:21): Music was spot on (nice music to voice levels).  A bit long overall, but managed to still keep me watching.  Always nice to see people playing the game and having fun.  The game review quotes throughout are clutch (shows support of the game and breaks up the video nicely).  Matt was clear on the basic rules and seems to be sincere about the game and his goals.

Game Logo: Nice clean logo with bold colors; however, the LOSER all in gold gives the appearance that the LOSER is the real winner.

Game Name and Slogan: Appropriate name for the game and a clever slogan.

Project Page: Layout flows well.  Nice artwork throughout.  Pros. of Don’t Be a Loser to the cons. of other party games.  How the game works and what’s included.  Provides the number of players, ages and avg. game times.  What the LOSER suffers “The Exciting Twist”.  Game card challenges and optional Shenanigans expansion pack challenges.  Reasons to back the game and a convincing “Risks and challenges” section.

Game Design: Well designed board.  Clean and simple.  The board has a center starting location with two directions of movement (losers to the left, winners to the right).  Below is a Challenger and Contender area where wagers can be placed.  The card backs have the game logo and same background design as the board.  The game uses meeples, tokens, one ten sided die and a sand timer.

Game Review (first impression): Don’t Be a Loser seems like it would be a GREAT party game!  I like the free float in and out concept (a party game must have).  The side wagering action appears to be engaging and a huge source of the fun.  Friends against friends.  What could go wrong?  Watching friends make fools of themselves while wagering on the outcome; plus, at one point getting the chance to become the fool.  The screw on the dice is also a nice touch.  Sabotage another and move on.  I bet this would feel good!  The optional Shenanigans expansion pack also offers some exciting challenges.

Closing Thoughts: I would recommend reviewing this game, that’s if having FUN is on the old Bucket List.  The pledge amounts seem fair with free shipping in the U.S.  A $10 print-and-play is also available, but is FREE to backers of the full version.

Please feel free to ask questions, share comments or post a first impression.


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