Battle of Durak (a battle card game)


Battle of Durak is a traditional based/custom card game by Disruptive Inc. (6 projects backed)

Inventor: Fedor Sosnin

Funding Goal: $8,000 ending Sun, Feb. 15th 2015 at 12:30 PM CST

This is a first created.

The First Impression:

Video (:52): Short game commercial with powerful music and visual elements highlighting the awesomeness of the unique “Character Cards” found in the game.  Compelling game text-sorcery and brute force flash game reviews urge the viewer to scroll and read more!

Game Logo: Great logo!  Conceals the unknown, leaving MUCH to the imagination.

Game Name and Slogan: Battle of Durak is an appropriate name for this game, as it is based on the Russian card game Durak.  A creative twist slogan might entice Durak fans or fans of similar games to prepare for the battle to end all.

Project Page: Provides number of players, avg. game time, objectives, information on all of the game cards and a link to the .pdf game rules.  Try it before you buy it with a free Print-and-Play download of the 20 custom Character Cards (use a standard deck of 6 – Ace cards with the Print-and-Play).  A two (2) player video with commentary can be found below the Print-and-Play section.  Seven (7) different stretch goals are also available to unlock.  The risks and challenges section appears to be straight forward and honest.

Game Design: Game cards look Amazing!  All of them.  Well designed.  The artwork on the cards (front and back), including the artwork on the tuck box has great detail.  The Character Cards also have the instructions on each card.

Game Review (first impression): Battle of Durak appears to be the card game Durak, but with the addition of 20 custom Character Cards.  Five (5) cards of each: Mage, Barbarian, Thief and Necromancer.  Each set of five (5) cards are unique to that individual set, allowing players to attack or defend with different outcomes.  LOVE this!

Closing Thoughts: I would recommend fans of the card game Durak or similar card games to review this game.  I feel the 20 additional custom cards could add a lot to the game, but was not able to see this based on the video alone (two (2) player 13:46 min. YouTube video on the project page).

The Character Cards (aiming for perfect strat./best chances to win), appear to only be used in the video toward the end of the game (but don’t have to, I would guess).  This end of game strat. appears to help improve the chances of ending the game with more gusto, but doesn’t add anything to the normal game.  I would like to see more examples of the Character Cards being used throughout a game, not just toward the end.

I feel the backer rewards are fair for a traditional based custom card game, but just the $12 pledge level, which is limited to 50 backers.  I don’t see the other pledge levels appealing to the average backer.  All of the pledge levels include free shipping around the globe.

Please feel free to ask questions, share comments or post a first impression.


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